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Carbon Clear

What is Carbon Clear?

Deep drafts of clean air. Clear trickles of snowmelt that feed cool streams. Tall branches rustling in the wind. These are some of the sensations that characterize our natural landscape. But many are beginning to feel that these simple processes are no longer to be taken for granted. Since the term “Carbon Footprint” became part of the public vocabulary in the mid-1990’s, more and more Americans are trying to lead a lifestyle that requires a lower emission of carbon dioxide to support it.

One of the first concerns is our reliance on electricity generated by fossil fuels. In recent years, the falling cost and proliferation of renewable energy technologies has been allowing power consumers to be more selective about the electricity they use. San Miguel Power Association brings these choices to you in the form of the Carbon Clear Initiative. This suite of options gives consumers full power over their own carbon footprint due to electricity consumption.


San Miguel Power's Mission:

The Carbon Clear program is a direct outcome of the Mission of San Miguel Power Association, Inc. which includes "providing our members with... environmentally responsible electrical service."




Carbon Clear (Green Fund) Inputs:



Totally Green:

Carbon Clear Feeder: The newest and simplest way to use 100% renewable energy. Now, every drop of electricity you use is coming from renewable sources like solar wind, and hydro.  Estimated cost for an average residential home: $8 - $10 per month.

  • One-time sign up
  • 1¢ per kWh bill adder
  • Renewably-sourced energy, dude!

Sign up for Totally Green here!


Green Blocks:

Carbon Clear Feeder: Members can buy extra renewable energy in 100 kWh blocks.  A flexible way to offset home or business energy use, or other components of a carbon footprint.  Buying one Green Block is equivalent to not driving your car for 1,800 miles or planting 1/2 acre of trees.

  • Offsets energy consumption
  • 1 Block = 100kWh = $1.00
  • Avg. Home uses 800 - 1,000 kWh/mo.

SMPA White Paper: Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up for Green Blocks

Green Cents:

Carbon Clear Feeder: Power bills are rounded up the nearest whole dollar.

  • Simple, Easy, Voluntary (opt-out)
  • Round-up program
  • Average cost: $7.00/yr.

Members may cancel participation any time during regular business hours by calling (970) 864-7311.

Increase amount of contribution or cancel participation for Green Cents, or call your local SMPA office.

Renewable Contracts:

Carbon Clear Feeder: Contracts with local renewable power generators provides an income stream for Carbon Clear.

  • Local, Renewable Projects
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Under 5% Wholesale Contract Carve-out


Carbon Clear (Green Fund) Outcomes


Renewable Energy Rebates:

Carbon Clear Output: Help defray the cost of renewable power systems.

  • Solar Photovoltaic Residential
  • Solar Photovoltaic Commercial
  • Small Wind Residential
  • Solar Domestic Hot Water

I.Q. Programs:

Carbon Clear Output:

  • "I.Q." = Income Qualified
  • I. Q. Weatherization
    • Complete Energy Audit
    • Home Efficiency Upgrades
    • No Cost to Member
  • I.Q. Solar
    • Efficiency Upgrades Completed
    • Solar Array - Norwood, CO

Local Renewable Projects:

Carbon Clear Output: Local Small Hydro and Solar

  • Historic Bridal Veil Hydro
  • Pandora Hydro
  • Historic Ouray Hydro
  • Coal Creek Hydro
  • Paradox Solar = 1 MW
  • I.Q. Solar, Norwood, CO
  • Last Dollar Solar








Net Metering:

Carbon Clear Output:

  • Member-owned (Behind the Meter)
  • Electricity flows both directions
  • SMPA provides when system is not producing
  • Production credited to Bill

Energy Efficiency:

Carbon Clear Output: The cheapest kWh is the one you never use.

  • Check out our efficiency rebates
  • Use SmartHub to track your energy use



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