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Community Programs

When you hear the word local, think of your electric cooperative. SMPA is a locally owned company, owned by the members we serve. That means we conduct business via a local, member-elected Board of Directors.
SMPA's commitment to you begins with helping you keep your electric bill as low as possible. We deliver service to you at the cost of service. There are no hidden fees and no profits for investors in faraway cities. Any money left over after covering all costs of doing business, is allocated back to the members and stays in our community, strengthening the well being of our towns and neighborhoods.
Because SMPA is so closely linked to our communities, there are countless examples of activities that have the "co-op touch": conducting safety programs at schools, fire districts and local businesses; helping members with appliance replacements; sponsoring local fairs and events; working with community organizations to improve energy efficiency; providing opportunities for local renewable energy development; funding higher education opportunities for local youth - the list goes on and on. 
Service means not only making sure the electricity is flowing, but also, making sure that the community and its citizens are thriving and prospering. Service means helping friends, neighbors, and business colleagues. Service means reaching towards new horizons to make life better for everyone. That's what it's all about. That's the electric cooperative tradition.
Safety on back up generators and stand-alone Energy Storage Systems (ESS):

Stand-Alone Generators and ESS installations must be compliant with NEC 702 and outfitted with appropriate transfer switching, so they do not operate in parallel with SMPA.

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