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Understanding Your Bill

Your monthly bill shows not only how much you owe for electric service, but also information on how that amount was calculated and how it compares with billing amounts from other time periods.  This information can help you budget for your electricity needs.  It is also valuable information for members making conservation efforts or efficiency upgrades or who are considering the use of renewable energy sources through net metering. 

Bills for services on a demand rate and net-metered accounts differ slightly from the standard format depicted below. For an explanation of demand-rate line items, please call (970) 626-5549.


  1. Total Amount Due: For quick and easy reference, this amount is displayed prominently.  Past due amounts appear in red.
  2. Invitation to Manage Your Account with SmartHub:  For in-depth analysis of power usage history, click My Usage >> Usage Explorer
  3. Services: Start and Finish date of the Billing Period
  4. Readings: First and last meter readings for energy delivered by SMPA to the home during the billing period.  (The first reading subtracted from the second reading should equal the "kWh Usage")
  5. Utility Rate Code: This code contains information about your service.  The depicted code (RU1) stands for "Urban Residential, Single-Phase service."
  6. Line Items:  The "Energy Charge" includes the kWh usage from above multiplied by the current energy rate (see rates.)  Also includes the current "Access Charge"  This fixed monthly fee appears on all of our members’ bills. It is intended to cover SMPA’s fixed costs of providing electrical service, such as the overall cost of owning, operating and maintaining the electric distribution system.  Also includes taxes and any Green Cents Round Up Contributions.
  7. Usage Comparisons:  Compares your total KWH used during the billing period to the previous period and to the same period last year.  The example compares March to February of the same year and it also compares March from the present year to March from the previous year.
  8. Payment Stub: Send this along with your payment.  Members using Auto-Pay need not return this portion.
  9.  Director District: This is the current SMPA Board Member who represents your district.  See more.

Other Charges:

Some bills may also include surcharges for various localized purposes, including, but not limited to franchise fees, and settlement surcharges for long-term remuneration of construction projects.  Please call (970) 626-5549, or (970) 864-7311 during regular business hours, if you have a specific question.


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