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San Miguel Power Association, Inc. is a member-owned, locally-controlled rural electric cooperative with offices in Nucla and Ridgway, Colorado. SMPA serves approximately 9,600 members and 14,000 meters and supports local communities.


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Latest News


Feb. 9 2018: SMPA Charts Pathway Toward More Local Renewable Energy, Increased Reliability, and Affordability


The San Miguel Power Association (SMPA) Board of Directors has unanimously adopted a resolution confirming that SMPA’s continued membership in the wholesale power cooperative, Tri-State Generation and Transmission (Tri-State) is “…the best path to implementing more local renewable energy… without incurring strong upward rate pressures… compromising reliability, or the network communications crucial to the overall operations of the SMPA distribution grid.”  The resolution also states that SMPA “…will not further pursue alternatives to the current Wholesale Electric Services Contract (WESC) with Tri-state, at this time…”  This resolution signals the fulfillment of one of SMPA’s seven 2017 strategic objectives, which is to “Understand the full value, and options, of [SMPA’s] membership and contract with Tri-State G&T, while developing an all-encompassing program to expand local renewables.”


The year-old strategic objective, was designed amidst rapidly dropping prices of renewable energy sources such as...


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