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Director Elections

San Miguel Power members elect their board of directors by secret ballot at the Annual Meeting of Members held each summer or by mail-in vote. Board members are elected from the membership, by the membership. They are chosen from seven different districts within SMPA's service territory. Each district contains approximately 1,300 members and votes for their specific director representative. SMPA's board members serve four-year terms. Each director represents a specific geographic region within SMPA's service territory. There are currently seven director districts. View the director district map.

SMPA directors have the responsibility of setting the strategic direction for the cooperative. Directors are required to represent the membership on a fair and impartial basis for the best interest of all members and attend regularly scheduled board meetings. Attendance at national, state and local meetings, where the interest of San Miguel Power is concerned, is often necessary as well.

The Board has set the date for the 2018 Annual Meeting.  It will take place on Thursday, June 7th in Nucla, CO.  Mail-in ballots must be received by Wednesday, June 6th.



All SMPA members have the right to vote for the director representative in their district and to run for election in their district.  Members elect their board of directors by secret mail-in ballot or at the Annual Meeting of the Membership, held this year at the SMPA Nucla office (170 W. 10th Avenue, Nucla) on June 7th from 4:30 - 7 pm. (Polls close at 5:30 pm.) Ballots will be mailed to members on May 15th. Mail-in ballots must be received by June 6th, or members may vote at the Annual Meeting. Please Note: To validate the ballot, the voter's signature must correspond to the name on the account. (This name is shown on the outside envelope in which all voting materials are enclosed.) Ballots of joint memberships may be signed by either party. For voting members other than individuals, signatures should include a title.

Normally, only two districts will hold elections in a calendar year. In 2018, District #3 and #6 are up for election. In district #3, which includes Norwood, Placerville and Sawpit, the candidates are Joanna Kanow, Allyn Svoboda, and David Alexander. In District #6, which includes Ridgway and the surrounding areas, incumbent director, Debbie Cokes is unopposed and will be deemed re-elected per SMPA bylaws.


Included with the District #3 ballots are these Candidate Background Statements. These statements are those of the candidates and are not vetted by San Miguel Power Association.  





Candidate Background:

• I support Renewable Energy Sources that promote clean air & water.
• I will work to make electricity rates affordable & fairly priced for all members.
• I will promote economic growth through locally generated renewable energy sourced here in Southwest Colorado.
• I will introduce a resolution to the Board to adopt a 100% clean energy goal by 2030 pushing to raise the current  5% cap on renewable energy from Tri-State.
• I will advocate for an official Economic Study to validate that the current pricing of solar, wind and battery power are the most affordable option. The production of coal power is now three times more expensive than renewables and we are currently paying unnecessarily high prices as a result.
Facilitator:  Carbon Neutral Coalition, Telluride, CO 2017-current
Program Co-Coordinator:  Truth or Dare teaching sustainability in regional schools, sponsored by SMPA and EcoAction Partners  2017-current
President Applebaugh HOA  2016-2017
Certified Life Coach 2014-current
Owner: EcoSpaces Green Building Solutions: 2005-2013
Owner: Artistic Properties: Green Fix and Flip Real Estate Ventures. 2002-current.
Teacher: Telluride School District, Colorado 2000-2003
Education: University of California Berkeley, BA: Conservation Resource Studies.
Fluent in Spanish
Volunteer:  KOTO, MountainFilm, and Coach for Girls on the Run.
19 Year Down Valley Local Resident
Mother of two: committed to a clean environment for future generations
A vote for me would swing the board of 7 to a progressive majority where real change can begin to be made.

Candidate Background:

Retired from 34 years experience with two Colorado electric cooperative associations as system engineer, preceded by 2 years in the Midwest.  Assignments included distribution circuit analysis, short-circuit interrupting devices selection, overhead powerline and buried cable route design and equipment specification, retail rates and costs analysis, system planning and construction budgets, linecrew dispatching for storm-related service interruptions, CAD mapping, graphical reports, energy auditing, power quality issues investigation and resolution, and publications.
Renewable electric energy assignments included an 8 MegaWatt windpower project, 2009 - 2013, while employed at a southern Colorado electric cooperative association.  Tasks performed:  review proposed future cost of purchased windpower financial impact on host utility, analyze power system capability to absorb new power source, assure transmission grid regulations compliance, and design communication/control system.  The U.S. Department of Energy presented the 2014 Wind Cooperative of the Year - Distribution award to this electric cooperative.
Education: Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering; Master of Science - Electrical Engineering and Journalism & Mass Communication.
Reports on renewable electric energy technology research and development, and local electric energy, at his website:
Resides at Rico, Colorado since September 2016.  Member of Rico Town Manager Search Committee, Oct - Dec 2016.  Attends Rico Community goal-setting meetings.


Candidate Background:

Dave is a lifetime resident of Norwood.  He is a third-generation rancher, which we all know means his family and other ranchers are some of the greatest caretakers of the land.  If he doesn’t take care of the land and environment, his family and your family probably won’t be fed.   He has been ranching for over 50 years, believing in hard work, as he puts in many hours in a day.  
Along with his duties on the ranch, Dave finds the time to serve on the Farmer’s Water Development  Board (most of those years as President) for more than 15 years, as well as the San Miguel Power Board the last eight.  He has completed all course hours required for board of director training classes which involves many hours.  Dave has a great deal of time invested in San Miguel Power, really enjoying his position on the board.  He is now serving on the Western United Board, doing so for the past five years.
Dave served on the CREA board for four years and on the Norwood School Board for 13 years (most of those years as president).
Dave is extremely patient, always listening to all constituents.  This is a very diverse district and he is aware of different opinions that need to be heard.   He is aware his position is to represent public and not himself.  He has always believed in using common sense.  What is good for a few may not be good for all.



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