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Outage Information

Planned Outages


There is currently one scheduled power outage.  Keep scrolling down for more information on power outages.



When: Monday, June 27th, 2022
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (about 3 hours)


Area Affected:  Second Park, northwest of Nucla, CO


Purpose: To replace a damaged pole.




Outage Map


View the status of ongoing power outages with our online outage viewer.


Please visit our Facebook page for the most up to date information about power outages. The updates on this webpage may be delayed.



Receive Text Notifications About Power Outages


You can receive outage notifications via text or email.  You will need a SmartHub account:

Sign up for SmartHub here.

Next, follow these instructions.





Reporting a Power Outage

To report a power outage call: (970) 864-7311 or (970) 626-5549. If it is after business hours you will be directed to SMPA's 24-hour dispatch service.


If your power is off:

  • Verify that your entire house is out and that you haven't just tripped a circuit breaker.
  • If you have determined that your home is out of power, turn off or unplug any appliances you were using when the power went out. Leave just one light on so you know when power is restored.
  • If your power remains out for longer than a few minutes, or to report an electrical safety hazard, please call (970) 864-7311. Your call will be answered by our automatic phone system. Dial "1" to report an outage. Follow the instructions offered by the virtual assistant.
  • If you are reporting an outage after normal business hours please call (970) 864-7311. Your call will be answered by our automatic phone system. Dial "1" to report an outage. Follow the instructions offered by the virtual assistant.
  • When you call to report an outage, please provide as many details as possible. If you heard a loud bang, or your power is out but your neighbors have power, let us know. The information you supply will help us in our efforts to promptly restore electricity


San Miguel Power recommends that residents of San Miguel and Ouray counties subscribe to their county's wireless emergency notification and CODERED systems. San Miguel Power works closely with these counties to share information during major power outages. However, please be aware San Miguel Power cannot guarantee you will receive outage information via these notification systems. For more information on San Miguel County's emergency notification system click here. For more information on Ouray County's emergency notification system click here.

Outage Preparedness

Here is some useful information for people experiencing a power outage:




Outage Updates

For information about outages currently affecting our members visit our Facebook page.


Telluride Area - 9/26/21:
Updated Sunday, September 26, 2021:  At approximately 9:45 PM on Sunday, September 26th, power to over 400 consumers in Telluride went out.  Areas affected were Mahoney Drive, West Pacific, Black Bear Road and surrounding areas.  Work crews restored the majority of services through isolating and switching.  They continued to make repairs to an underground fault affecting about 30 members until all power was restored.


Naturita Area - 7/24/21:
Updated Tuesday, July 24, 2021: At approximately 3:15 PM, 413 members in the Naturita area lost power. Crews were dispatched and at 4:23 PM they had cleared trees from the power line and restored power.


Ouray Area - 6/15/21:
Updated Tuesday, June 15, 2021:  At approximately 9:45 AM on Tuesday, June 15th, power to 412 consumers in Ouray went out.  A fallen tree caused the power outage.  Work crews made repairs and the line was re-energized at around 10:15 AM.






Outage Restoration

Outages occur for a number of reasons. In the event of a large or wide-spread outage, we prioritize repairs in order to get the largest number of members back on first.

First, we check and repair any damaged transmission lines. These are the lines that bring power to our electrical system.

Equipment or line repairs at substations will be done next in order to transfer power from transmission lines to the main distribution lines throughout our service area.

After the substations are repaired, we turn our attention to our main distribution lines, and then to tap lines, which carry electricity from the main distribution lines to smaller groups of members.
Once all distribution lines and tap lines are repaired, we begin working on service lines, which typically bring power to only one or two locations.

Restoring power during inclement weather or after a large accident can be a big job. SMPA works with a 24-hour, 365 day-a-year dispatch center, so if you should lose power, be assured we're working as quickly as possible to get your lights back on.




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