Community Focus Donations

Service to our communities is an integral part of our mission. Through our Community Focus policy, we demonstrate our commitment to the communities we serve and strengthen our organization’s connection to our membership. It deepens member understanding about SMPA and our mission, while informing the Board and employees about the varied needs within our communities, thereby enhancing the provision of electrical service.


The board of directors of SMPA has the option to set aside funds from unclaimed Member Dividends which can be given out for the benefit of charitable organizations and community events in SMPA’s service territory.  The distribution of these funds is guided by our Community Focus policy.  In 2022, a total of $40,977 is available for the program.


How to apply...


Applications for a donation request under our Community Focus policy should be made using this online form.  Please keep in mind, forms submitted will be reviewed according to the following timelines:

March 31st deadline:

  • Applications received 01/01 - 03/31 will be reviewed in April
  • Applicants were notified of application status by 05/01
  • Funding Available: $11,852

June 30th deadline:

  • Applications received 04/01 - 06/30 will be reviewed in July
  • Applicants were notified of application status by 08/01
  • Funding Available: $8,375

September 30th deadline:

  • Applications received 07/01 - 09/30 will be reviewed in October
  • Applicants will be notified of application status by 11/01
  • Funding Available: $8,375

December 31st deadline:

  • Applications received 10/01 - 12/31 will be reviewed in January
  • Applicants will be notified of application status by 02/01
  • Funding Available: $8,375


Questions?  Contact MartyJo Davis at (970) 626-5549 ext. 216 or