About our Annual Outreach

Historically, San Miguel Power's Annual Meeting of Members was an opportunity for members of the cooperative to gather and review the activities of the association over the previous year. Members could pose questions and suggestions to the Board of Directors and General Manager, and learn about the co-op's goals for the future.  Since 2020, the contents of this traditional meeting have been distributed in digital format, rather than in-person.


The 2022 Annual Meeting

The 2022 SMPA Annual Meeting was held on June 9th as an online virtual conference.  The meeting featured:

• Scholarship Announcements
• Board President’s Report
• CEO/General Manager’s Report
• Informative Custom videos 
• Board Secretary / Treasurer’s Report 
• Interactive Question and Answer Period

The meeting was attended by over 100 participants.  Thanks to the Board and Staff for helping to build this online experience.

View the Meeting Highlights


The 2021 Annual Outreach

An in-person Annual Meeting was not held in 2021.  Like the previous year, a special edition of the Annual Report was published along with video content to help ensure that members were given financial and operational updates.

See this video content on the 2021 Annual Outreach YouTube Playlist.



2021 Annual Outreach Graphic


The 2020 Annual Meeting was Cancelled Due to COVID-19

San Miguel Power's 2020 Annual Meeting was canceled for the health and safety of our members and employees during the local outbreak of COVID-19.  A special edition of the Annual Report was published to help ensure that members were given financial and operational updates.




The last in-person Annual Meeting was held in Ridgway on June 6, 2019.  Read about it in the July 2019 Energywise newsletter.


Annual Reports

Every year, SMPA develops an annual report. The report provides members with a summary of everything that we have accomplished during the year, and outlines our plans for the future. Click on the links below to view past reports.


2021 Annual Report Cover
2020 Annual Report


2020 Annual Report Cover
2020 Annual Report


2019 Annual Report Cover
2019 Annual Report


2018 Annual Report Cover
2018 Annual Report

Annual Report Archive