What is SmartPay?

SmartPay is a new way to pay for electricity.  This optional program allows you to buy power at your convenience, with no late fees or security deposit needed.

How does it work?  When you enroll in SmartPay, you pre-pay for your electricity, but you get to choose how much you buy and when you buy it (minimum starting balance is $25).  With convenient text and/or email notifications you can stay on top of your usage, so you know when you need to add more to your account balance.  If your account gets to zero your electricity is turned off, but adding money to your account automatically turns it back on 24/7, with no reconnect fee.  SmartPay is simple and puts you in control.  No more monthly billing statements with due dates and late fees. No more security deposits.  Enjoy flexibility and freedom with SmartPay.

Not all service locations are eligible for SmartPay.  Please call 970-864-7311 from 7 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Thursday to determine eligibility and/or access an application.

SmartPay Questions

A: There are no enrollment fees, but a SmartPay account is required to have a positive $25 starting balance.

A: SmartPay boasts a built-in repayment plan for past due balances. Payments can be used to pay off a past-due balance a little at a time. A certain percent buys new power; a certain percent pays back, until the balance is paid off.

A: There is no deposit for SmartPay. In fact, you may apply your original deposit to charge your account or pay a past-due balance.

A: Nope. You can track charges through our secure, automated pay-by-phone system or through SmartHub.

A: In SmartHub, select 'Manage Notifications' and choose how you want to receive texts or emails.